The Global Opportunity

Animal Nutrition Industry Growth Drivers

  • Increased protein consumption due to: global population growth, rising incomes, increasing urbanization


  • Consumer focus on health, safety, and traceability driving up demand for higher-value products


  • Substitution and large opportunity to fill in the gap of antibiotics, growth promoters, and other current additives that are being phased out by the industry

Forecast 2050 vs 2017
World Protein Production
In PLAMAN Key Markets

Source: FAO

Global Animal Feed Production Outlook by Species
(millions of tonnes)

Source: Informa Agribusiness Consulting

Global Animal
Feed Production (2016)

1.03bn tonnes

Global Animal Feed
Additives Market Size (2016)


The Role of Feed Additives

“The problem is not supply – it is access to food and to natural resources like land and water. We need to figure out how to feed the world without depleting our natural resources.”

– Bill Gates

“Food is not a commodity like others. We should go back to a policy of maximum food self-sufficiency. It is crazy for us to think we can develop countries around the world without increasing their ability to feed themselves.”

– Bill Clinton