Who We Are

PLAMAN Global is aspiring to become a leading natural feed additive player and is led by a world class management team with extensive experience and proven track records to execute on the company’s business plan.

Black Pearl® is the brand name for PLAMAN Global’s black diatomaceous earth product for animal nutrition. Black Pearl® is a high value natural animal feed ingredient that is a source of humic and fulvic acid, fiber and numerous trace elements.

There are strong market drivers incentivizing a shift away from the use of antibiotics, medicated feed and synthetic additives. As the industry moves to an antibiotic free production system, high quality nutrition, and high-quality ingredients are even more important. We take pride in the significant positive contribution we can make in the animal nutrition industry.

PLAMAN Global owns the world’s only known large scale black diatomaceous earth deposit, located in New Zealand, and has reserves of 31 million tonnes. Black diatomaceous earth will be crushed, granulated and dried at our processing facility to form granules that will be marketed under the brand name Black Pearl®. Based on the anticipated production volumes, PLAMAN Global has an operational life of at least 27 years.

PLAMAN Global is the only supplier of Black Pearl® and plans to make it available to all major markets across the globe, including New Zealand.